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  +91-829-109-0804        mglecng@mahanagargas.com

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CNG has successfully established itself as a preferred alternative transportation fuel amongst various vehicular segments ranging from 3 wheeled Auto rickshaws to 4 wheeled Cars, Buses and Trucks. However, till date 2 wheelers like bikes and scooter riders have not been able to enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly and cost effective CNG fuel due to non-availability of approved CNG kits for two-wheelers. Therefore, MGL undertook the project of launching CNG kits for two-wheelers in association with M/s Ecofuel (Sole distributors of Lovato Italy kits in India) and signed Tri-party MoU between MGL, M/s Ecofuel and M/s Jubilant Food works (Dominos) for the pilot project with 100 CNG scooters. Post the launch event, about 13 retrofitment centers across Mumbai have also got the required certification and things are ready for the full scale marketing activities.

About CNG Kit

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Lovato, iTuk

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CNG Cylinders: 2 Nos each having the capacity to 5 liters of Water.


One fill CNG quantity: 1.4 Kg (0.7 kg in each cylinder)


Mileage on CNG:  Avg. 90 km/kg and about 110- 120  km per fill.

Dual Fuel

Dual fuel option: Petrol & CNG both


Per KM running cost:  Up to 60 paise per Km.